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Inducing Plants to Flower

Hey all,

Robert Hudson wanted some feedback on Nymphaea daubyena a month ago. Well, I 
only recently got that plant from you Robert at that point and I didn't have 
much to share. BUT, I inadvertently got that plant to flower for me! Whohoo!! 
Here is what I did -

1)Did a 25% water change
2)Unhooked my powerhead w/ the CO2 reactor hooked up to it from the outlet 
and allowed the Barr CO2 reactor to keep running. This way the CO2 collected 
under the reactor but the diffusion of the CO2 throughout the tank was very 
3)Did not fertilize for 4 days. Not a hint of Flourish, Flourish Iron, 
Potassium nitrate, or Potassium sulfate was added to the tank at this point.
4)After 4 days, I hooked up the CO2 reactor again and started to fertilize 
the tank. 
5)I also did a 25% water change. 

This was apparently enough to get that plant to flower because 2 weeks later 
it started to shoot up a flower stalk straight to the surface. The plants 
flower is white w/ a yellow center. It opens during the morning and afternoon 
hours and then closes for the night. Here's my guess as to what happened to 
the water parameters in the tank during those four days.

1)Nutrients went down because of the water change and not adding any 
2)pH went up because of disconnecting the reactor.

I say "guess" because I don't use any test kits. I'm more used to looking at 
the plants to tell if they're missing any nutrients. Does anyone have a guess 
on why the plant was induced to flower when put under these conditions? What 
have you done, on purpose or by accident, to get your plants(any plant) to 
flower? It probably took a lot of energy for the plant to flower but its OK 
by me. I just wanna see that thing's flower. Any thoughts on how to get 
plants to flower on command, other than allowing it to grow emersed?

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