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Re: My tank can't get enough iron!

James wrote:

"Of course,
not every plant grows well for me, those that don't respond to my current
approach get replaced by those that do."

In addition to keeping the water parameters close to those the other Tom
mentioned, I think this is probably the next best piece of advice - keep
plants that will grow in YOUR tank. It takes some experimentation, even
trying "difficult" plants over easy ones if need be. Rotala macrandra grows
fine in my tank, java fern perishes immediately. Go figure. Here in Austin
we have a water conservation program called landscape xeriscaping that uses
plants that don't require a lot of irrigation. Basically they just
reclassified all the weeds to "native Texas plants". I always knew crabgrass
could be loved. Same in my tank, if it grows, great, if not, it's outta


(I wonder what the pigs on drugs were up to?)