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The ECGs from all pigs were within.

All pigs remained in a sinus rhythm throughout the study.  No group differences were noted in any measured parameter (HR, RR interval, PR interval, QRS duration, QT interval, or QTc) on Study Day 44.  On Study Day PRE, male pigs in Group 2 had a longer PR interval compared to Group 1 (p<0.05). On Study Day 89, female pigs in Group 4 had a slower heart rate and correspondingly longer RR interval than Group 1 pigs (p<0.05).  The QT interval was longer in Group 4 female pigs compared to Group 1 (p<0.01). This increase in QT interval is likely secondary to the observed decrease in heart rate.  Also, the QT interval in Group 4 (p<0.001) and Group 2 (p<0.05) female pigs was longer than Group 3 pigs.  These changes in QT interval are not considered to be of toxicologic significance.

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