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I have been growing this plant for about a year now and have had the
following experiences with it. Slow growing, multiple leaf forms, can
reproduce via "pups", needs deep rooting zone, doesn't like crowding, heavy
feeder, likes lots of light. Pretty easy.


Brian Perkins
West Linn, OR

Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 00:10:04 -0800
From: "Robert H" <robertph3 at attbi_com>
Subject: Armoratica aquatica

In my continual effort to bring the rare, unsual and just plain wierd, I
have Armoracia aquatica, also known as Rorippa aquatica. It is on page 67 of
Barry James Aquarium Plants. It has quite an interesting and varied leaf
shape, a small plant for the foreground. In Asia it is apparently known as
Water Dandelion. Known in America as American Cress. Has anyone grown this
plant or currently keep it? Care to share your experience?

Robert Paul Hudson
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