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Re: Plants tabs, PO4--- and Miracle Grow

> >>Why bother with ammonium sulfate. Why not use liquid ammonia (from grocery
> store). I believe it becomes NH4+ at pH in our tanks. Chemists, please
> comment.<<

	I missed this one the first time around!  I presume you mean the
concentrated solution of ammonia in water ("880" ammonia).  Liquid
ammonia boils at -33 C.  If you add straight ammonia, as opposed to
a salt, you will tend to increase the pH.  It's quite a strong base,
which is _why_ it is NH4+ (mostly) at usual tank pH.  I would be
quite doubtful about adding NH4+ salts, and even more so about adding
ammonia solution.  You would have to add _very_ small amounts.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada