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Re: Plants tabs, PO4--- and Miracle Grow

>> >>Why bother with ammonium sulfate. Why not use liquid ammonia (from
>> store). I believe it becomes NH4+ at pH in our tanks. Chemists, please
>> comment.<<
>        I missed this one the first time around!  I presume you mean the
>concentrated solution of ammonia in water ("880" ammonia).  Liquid
>ammonia boils at -33 C.  If you add straight ammonia, as opposed to
>a salt, you will tend to increase the pH.  It's quite a strong base,
>which is _why_ it is NH4+ (mostly) at usual tank pH.  I would be
>quite doubtful about adding NH4+ salts, and even more so about adding
>ammonia solution.  You would have to add _very_ small amounts.

Firstly, I am talking about the Ammonia cleaning liquid. I believe this may
be diluted. I dont have a bottle handy to check. So, it may not be "880"
whatever that is. 
But to be sure, I was only suggesting a VERY small amount. When I last used
it, I used a few drops up to 1mL in 200 L of water. For the metric
illiterate, that is ~50 gallons. BTW, you can find the cheap unadulterated
ammonia (without lemon flavors and scents) at the hardware store. The
grocery store charges more for their variety.

Neil Frank / Aquarian Subjects
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