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Re:What's your favorite mail-order plant source?

I have ordered 3 times from http://www.aquabotanic.com/ and been totally
satisfied. I'm in Connecticut and all 3 times the plants were shipped on
Monday ( from Oregon) and arrived on Wednesday via Priority Mail. The plants
arrived in top notch condition and I had very little trouble acclimating
them to my tank. I prefer to buy plants locally but in the 30 years I've
been in this hobby there has never been a good selection within a reasonable
driving distance. Robert has just about everything you need to get going.
From NW CT where we've had all of 8" of snow all winter...so far
Bob Buettner
> Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 18:04:33 EST
> From: MrTorts at aol_com
> Subject: What's your favorite mail-order plant source?
> I just got my CO2 bubbling, and I'm ready to order plants.  What's your
> favorite mail-order plant source?  I want the highest probability of  a
> experience, not necessarily the cheapest possible source.  Thanks for your
> help.
> David S. Brown