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Re: What's your favorite mail-order plant source?

> From: MrTorts at aol_com
> Subject: >
> I just got my CO2 bubbling, and I'm ready to order plants.  What's
> favorite mail-order plant source?  I want the highest probability
of  a good
> experience, not necessarily the cheapest possible source.  Thanks
for your
> help.

I ordered from http://www.aquabotanic.com right before the holidays.
All the plants came in excellent condition!  I was really surprised,
especially since I was so worried that they would get stuck outside
in freezing conditions on their trip across the country.  The plants
were gorgeous, wrapped in moist newspaper and each was then put in a
seperate plastic bag.  There were some hitchhikers, so if you're
concerned about getting snails, worms or duckweed in your tank, rinse
carefully!  I would recommend Aquabotanic to anyone, and I'm sure
I'll be doing business there again sometime...

Dave Engle

Jacksonville, NC USA
Independent Associate
Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.