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Algae problems

I am also a member of the "Pom Pom" algae club.  It is the same color as the
Cladophora ball I have.  Looks alot like it except the threads? making up
the "pom pom" look longer and it isn't solid like the ball. You can see
through it.  I didn't notice it having a smell either.  It does attach on
the edge of the leaf on most of the plants, occasionally the top.  I am not
so sure it is attaching to the glosso so much as it is to the Flourite.
Does same on 4 leaf clover.  It grows fairly quickly and pops up everywhere.
I spend so much time pulling pieces out I am starting to get webbing between
my fingers!

I have tried to keep everything within Tom tolerances :)
NO3 5-7
Phosphate .5-1.7 (hits 1.5-1.7 post water changes, bring it down with
potassium nitrate)
KH, GH 4
pH 6.8  I'm doing 10% water changes/week and keep manually removing the
Nitrite, ammonia 0

Adding per week
1.5 ml  Flourish (up until two weeks ago it was 20-30 ml TMG)
3-5 ml  K
2-3 ml  Iron
1/2 tsp Potassium Nitrate (more as needed)
        Monobasic Phosphate rarely, I have phosphate in my water
1   tsp Equilibrium
1/2 tsp Alkaline Buffer

I started adding 1.5 capfuls of Excel 3.5 weeks ago as well.

I have battled this for several months.  Should I up the fertilizer too? Up
my nitrates also?

Good luck Diego!