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Re: Algae problems

> Now, the problem:
> First of all, I'm having some trouble identifying the algae in question, it
> looks like green fur- balls, like little cheerleader's pompons, growing on my
> plants, driftwood, tubing etc. What kind of algae is this?, I know it's not
> rare, I just don't know the name.

Sounds awful lot like BBA (a red alga). Although it's called a red alga, it
can vary in color(black to light grey to reddish to slight green).

 If it's slower growing and a nice deep forest green it may be a green alga,
Cladophora... it's not bad at all to get rid of.

The BBA will be silky and the green will be courser.
> Then, what caused this algae in my tank?, what should I do to eradicate it or
> at least control it?. It is not in every plant but has taken over some Java
> ferns, glossostigma and also the driftwood, I need to do something before
> takes over the whole tank.

It really sounds like BBA. I've never seen green Cladophora attach to Gloss.
Suppose it could but I doubt it. Unless your gloss is really hurting but not
rotting yet. Is it growing on the edges of the leaves?
> Here is some information about my tank:
> Tank: 43 gal (tall)
> Lighting: 1x96 bright kit from AH (2.23 watts per gal if my math is correct)
> 11 hours per day
> Substrate: Flourite

> Fertilizer: flourish (1ml once a week), 7 "Root Tabs plus Iron" by Aquarium
> Pharmaceuticals (this is the first month I use them)

Not enough traces, add 5mls 2x a week. Don't add so much stuff to gravel.

> CO2 injection system.
> 40% water changes weekly
> Water Chemistry (according to my Aquarium Pharmaceuticals test kits):
> PH: 6.8 - 6.4 (I think is 6.8, but in the color chart the color for 6.4 is too
> close so I am not positive)
> KH: 5 dKH (x 17.9 = 89.5 ppm KH)
> Ammonia: 0
> Nitrite: 0

Keep the CO2/KH in this range(KH 5 pH 6.6-6.8), Narrow range kits can get
this close for about 4-10$. Make sure the CO2 is well mixed.

> Total Nitrate: 0

You need NO3, 5-10ppm. Add KNO3. 1/4 teaspoon 2 x a week(this will add about
5-6ppm of NO3 per 1/4 teaspoon of KNO3, Grant's or Cooke's brands.

You sound like you have the light and substrate and CO2 going well.
Add more traces
Add KNO3
Add K2SO4 about 1/2 teaspoon after water change
Add PO4 if your tap water has none(call and ask the water company)

Trim as much as you can off right now, then do a water change. Keep up on
the nutrients, CO2 and water changes. You can add 2-3 SAE's. Shrimps will
help once the algae is removed from coming back again. You may need to do
this procedure for 2-3 weeks before the tank gets going.

Tom Barr