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Re: Dwarf Cichlid question

Thanks for all the advice!

I'm now signed up again on the Apisto list, waiting for the first digest
to come along... 

The Krib is the first place I went to for advice, but for some reason I
can't access it. Anybody else having problems getting it? Too great of a
resource to lose!!! ;-)

Re my water... Some people asked what my hardness is. I don't have a
clue, but I guess it's rather hard... The water in the area is *supposed*
to be "soft and slightly acidic", so my guess is that the city tampers
with the tap water (I don't blame them... I'd rather be able to walk on
it than have all sorts of heavy metals from the pipes dissolved in it!).

As for R/O, I'm afraid that I am: a) on a budget, b) in a habit of large,
frequent water changes. At this point, I don't know that I could afford

But, I will keep all those suggestions in mind. I have to admit that my
two favorite apistos are A. cacatuoides (like those fins!) and A.
mcmasteri (for no particular reason other than that I used to be friends
with some people whose last name was McMaster). I think, though what I go
for will depend at what I can track down via the SFAS. :-)

Thanks again!


P.S. Whoa! How did this message get so long...?
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