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Algae problem, please advise (2nd attempt)

I posted my problem before but since I didn't get any responses I'll give a try again. I thank in advance those who take the time to read it and help, I appreciate it. Here it goes again:

Hi everyone,

Before I get into the subject, allow me to wish everybody a great year 2002.

Now, the problem:

First of all, I'm having some trouble identifying the algae in question, it looks like green fur- balls, like little cheerleader's pompons, growing on my plants, driftwood, tubing etc. What kind of algae is this?, I know it's not rare, I just don't know the name.

Then, what caused this algae in my tank?, what should I do to eradicate it or at least control it?. It is not in every plant but has taken over some Java ferns, glossostigma and also the driftwood, I need to do something before takes over the whole tank.

Here is some information about my tank:

Tank: 43 gal (tall)
Lighting: 1x96 bright kit from AH (2.23 watts per gal if my math is correct) 11 hours per day
Substrate: Flourite
Fertilizer: flourish (1ml once a week), 7 "Root Tabs plus Iron" by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (this is the first month I use them)
CO2 injection system.
40% water changes weekly

Water Chemistry (according to my Aquarium Pharmaceuticals test kits):

PH: 6.8 - 6.4 (I think is 6.8, but in the color chart the color for 6.4 is too close so I am not positive)

KH: 5 dKH (x 17.9 = 89.5 ppm KH)
Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Total Nitrate: 0
I also have a small bag of crushed coral/shells to raise the KH (it use to be around 2 or 3 dKH and now is 5)

I have a couple of ottos and 1 SAE but they don't seem interested in this particular kind of algae. 
I also have 9 sarpae tetras, 10 small Rasboras, 1 betta and 4 cory cats.

I would appreciate If somebody could help me identifying this algae and telling me how to fight it.



Diego Barbosa in NY...yes stupid BinLaden, we're still here!
dbarbosa at akingump_com
Merida97 at aol_com

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