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water sprite

  Is there a way to contain water sprite(ceraptoptris thalictroides} ? I find 
that it
covers the entire tank about every two weeks. Unless evry leaf is removed 
after trimming it will sprout a new plant
  I like the look of the plant but it crowds the other types even with 
pruning particularly the crypts Since the tank is now 10 months old I wanted
to add a lot more variety and do more of a landscaped look so there will be 
space for each type. Will it be necessary to remove it entirely?
   I've tried pruning only the sides but will sprout from every cut. Tends to 
more horizontal than upright..Would sure like to keep some of it
   Another question. Is Hydrocotyle leucocephala the same plant that I find
growing in my yard where it's heavily watered? They call it dollar wort 
instead of pennywort . I live in south Florida. I've tried growing it in my 
tank but it
seems to climb out and will die if kept submerged..........Thanks
                                                    Gary   fla.