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Re: White Surface Film

In my last post to the APD I wrote:

> I have a white film growing on the surface of my planted tank and I was
> wondering if anyone has more information on this topic. I recently
> searched the archives and my conclusion is that there is not a definite
> answer to this issue yet. It is definitely not algae, nor is it an
> oil-slick as this complaint seems to be quite common to planted tanks.

I have some very interesting information now about this. The white film
was getting rather thick, and was beginning to trap bubbles of O2 from
the plants pearling and CO2 from my canister filter outlet. I decided to
search the APD archives one more time, and came across a small item
referring to Black Mollies for the same problem.

I immediately went to my LFS and brought home 2 pairs. When I released
them into the tank, they literally did not wait even one minute before
attacking this stuff! They have been steadily picking away at it for the
last 3 hours, and have cleared off a significant portion so that I can
already tell a difference in the tank surface. Must be a protein of some
kind, or maybe some kind of growth of microscopic organisms. In any
case, I figure in a day or so, it will be all cleaned out!

Worth trying if you have the same problem.

Ed Dumas

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