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Re: Fertilizer,now Ca

> I have only seen blackening of leaves in Eichornia diversifolia, and
> only in a phosphate-limited environment (AGA award-winning aquarist Erik
> Leung recently confirmed this for me).

I can certainly confirm that E diversilfolia is impossible to grow well
without good PO4 levels.

 Ca deficiency has different
> symptoms in my tank, most often causing small and deformed new growth in
> the fastest growers.

My Ca levels are 300ppm and get this same symptom if I do not add enough
traces. IME Ca is not limited that much. It's uptake is slow. You have to be
pretty low to get problems. The SF water never produced any GH related issue
when using Equilibrium.

>  I'll bet you've got enough Calcium, and that
> you're describing a different problem.  Tom?

Blackened leaves on Bolbitis can be from a few different things. I cannot
say which but I do know how to correct the problem if I see it. Water
change, add enough nutrients back into the tank, prune off ugly leaves etc.
It's the same old thing, time and time again. Often it's something like
enough bio filtration, water movement, forgot to clean the filter,pH probe
needs calibration, haven't checked the KH for 6 months and now it's gone up
2 degrees etc. It's the simple things that get us, not the nutrients so
much. Nutrients are pretty easy to manage and deal with overall. The pruning
and trimming take more effort.
Tom Barr