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The AGA Amano tank

The aquatic design that Takashi Amano created for the AGA 2001
convention in Chattanooga TN, was at the time of it's creation the only
Amano tank in this country.  Charlene Nash, our erstwhile hostess for
that event, is the caretaker of the aquarium.  She recently photographed
it and passed the shots to AGA president Erik Olsen.  Erik graciously
shared them with me, and I've uploaded them to the picture gallery onthe
SFBAAPS website.  Erik claims this is an exclusive for the time being,
until he has a moment to update the AGA website!

There is a pic of the tank at it's inception on the first page of the
gallery.  The recent pics are at the bottom of the last page.

michael rubin ~ michael at rubinworld_com ~ www.rubinworld.com