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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1519

Hey gang,

<<It doesn't seem as if there are bottled fertilizers
made for "serious" planted tanks - say a blend of N,
K, P and traces meant for use in 3+ WPG tanks. Most of
the seachem products proudly state "no nitrate or 
phosphate", but in my tank I have to add them every
few days. Not to mention getting the K2SO4 to dissolve
on water change days.>>

Rachel was asking about high powered ferts for those
of us who have high powered tanks. I don't know if
there is a one that comes in a "bottle", but Delaware
Aquatic Imports has a fert tab to be dissolved in
water that has everything except Mn. The tabs are
purported to be concentrated and should work nicely
for a high velocity tank.

NOW, I have never used them, but I traded Mike T a
slew of Micranthemum for a 100 tabs, and I should go
over and pick them up. The breakdown of this fert is
*well* documented in The Krib, but I've not heard
anyone speak of them on the list since I have been
subscribed. Does anyone have *any* experience with
these things? 

Karen Randall, if you're there I know you've done
business with Mike T. before. Any experience or
recommendations about these tablets?

My only problem with these is that he has his "family
secret formula", and doesn't list the ingredients.
Isn't that illegal? They don't appear much different
than Miracle Grow.

Please any knowlege would be appreciated.

John Wheeler    

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