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Re: Subject: Styrofoam and uneven tank stand

>On Sun, 06 Jan 2002 10:28:35 -0800 (PST)
>mike heerman wrote:

>I need some help deciding if I should add styrofoam
>under my tank.  I'll give you a little background.

>I just finished my new tank stand for my 75 gallon.
>I am concerned now because when I sat the tank
>on the stand I can slide a piece of paper between the
>trim on the bottom of the tank and the stand.  This is 
>only a problem in the middle of the front of the
>tank and in the middle of both sides.  I can slide
>a piece a paper(or two) through but not much else.  How much of a
>problem is this? When I filled the tank with
>75 gallons of water I could still slide the paper 
>under the tank.  

The fact that you can slide a piece of paper under one edge of your tank
does indicate that the weight of the tank is being supported unevenly
due to an uneven tabletop.  It's my guess that this is a more serious
problem with a glass tank than a Plexiglass tank, because it would put
pressure on the silicon that seals the edges between the pieces of glass. 

I'm not sure if using a Plexiglass tank makes this whole thing a
non-issue.  I'm not sure if it's no big deal with a glass tank either. I
do know that I always put a styrofoam pad under a tank for just this

I use 1/2 inch thick styrofoam, of the type that is sold in building
material stores as insulation.  Then I get 1/2 inch  piece of wood
molding to go around the bottom of the tank.  This is a decorative touch
which hides the styrofoam.

I've never had a tank, glass or Plexiglass, develop a leak.  Maybe I've just 
been lucky, or maybe it's the styrofoam pad that evens out the pressure
on the bottom of the tank.