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Styrofoam and uneven tank stand


I need some help deciding if I should add styrofoam
under my tank.  I'll give you a little background.

I just finished my new tank stand for my 75 gallon.
I am concerned now because when I sat the tank
on the stand I can slide a piece of paper between the
trim on the bottom of the tank and the stand.  This is 
only a problem in the middle of the front of the
tank and in the middle of both sides.  I can slide
a piece a paper(or two) through but not much else.  How much of a problem is this? When I filled the tank with
75 gallons of water I could still slide the paper 
under the tank.  

Is this going to cause problems because some areas
are supporting more of the weight?

Should I add styrofoam under the tank to level it some?
I have never exactly understood how to add styrofoam. Do
you just put it under the trim or under the whole tank
surface area?  And if the styrofoam is too thick won't it
press against the bottom glass and add pressure. I guess I'm not convinced that adding styrofoam would help my

Also there seems to be a few different types of sytrofoam.
I have seen the kind that appears to be made of balls that
are squished together. and is white.  There is another
kind sold as styrofoam that has a paper-like covering
and is also white.  And I have seen a spongy black material that gives under weight that is rather foamy
and not as thick as the white styrofoam.

I would appreciate any advice on this.



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