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Dupla Cables & New Tank Setup Advice?

<For the Flourite (I'm assuming the 7kg bags), I see them on bigals for
12.99 per bag, but my LFS is listing higher on that (I believe 20bux a
bag), so I suspect the rest of the bid may be inflated. >

My Dec 14th order from Big Als, costs me $12.99 per bag, plus $6.21
shipping per bag, plus an additional one-time overall shipping charge of
$5.99 ...

$12.99 + $6.21 = $19.20 per bag plus a $5.99 shipping and handling
charge on top of that ... depending upon how many bags you order, your
LFS may actually be cheaper than Big Als Online.

Your LFS is not really inflated ... 

I ordered 18 bags, so you shipping charges might actually be higher if
ordering a lower quantity.  There are other online places that might
charge you a little more per bag, but you have to compare *TOTAL* costs
per bag, not just the "advertised" per bag costs.

P.S.  When in doubt, support your LFS