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Re: algae ID

I was looking through this month's messages and
noticed that John Wheeler's algae ID message didn't
get responses, so I'll give it a shot (despite my own
problems with the grey slime, which I have found to be
a far more difficult opponent than his stuff).  

John, it sounds like you have beard algae.  There is a
picture of it on page 163 of Baensch Atlas 2 and a
description of it two pages later.  Telling us more (a
lot more) about the tank will help me and everyone
else help you get rid of the stuff.  In my case, I
think it was an inadequate supply of co2 (this was way

Once I corrected things, it hung on a long time. 
Serious manual removal will be required.  

So, let's hear more about your tank.  If not me,
somebody will be able to help, Cavan  

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