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Re: dying shrimp


In terms of the plant/pesticide issue and your shrimp, did all the shrimp
die immediately or over several days time?  My deaths have stretched out
over 2 weeks.  The new plant sat in the tank for a week before they were
introduced so maybe if that was related, it took longer to kill them due to
it being diluted somewhat?

I'm glad you and John brought this up, I've never heard of it.

What does one do to get rid of any residual's on new plants?  Will simply
rinsing it do?  I am preparing to order some new plants and don't want to do
this again if this is what I did.

I don't think it is related, but one of my rams has a very large eye today.
It is not cloudy just very swollen and protruding.

On a somewhat different note, it was interesting that a couple of folks
brought up iodine deficiency with the shrimp.  I looked at the TMG (which I
have always used) and it contains no iodine whereas the Seachem Flourish I
just purchased does.