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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1513

I am not sure if this is how you reply to this thing or not but here goes.
I am new to the hobby (less than a year) and have a few questions.  I have a
125 I guess "high tech"  (CO2 by ph controller, 3 watt per gal cf lighting
etc.) I originally bought the tank for my Arowana but sold that fish after I
saw some pics of planted tanks on the net.  So yes, you people with planted
aquaria web pages are doing some good.  Anyway...here are my questions:
1)  If a plant is pearling (bubbles of O2 coming of the leaves) does that
mean that it is completely healthy?  In other words, can a plant be pearling
and dying at the same time?
2)With all the discussion of test kits on APD, can somebody tell me what
brand is the best?  Is Lamott worth the price?  I would like to measure Fe,
CO2, KH, Ph and Phosphate.
3)A few of my clown loaches began to show signs of ich just before
Christmas.  My wife gave me a UV filter for xmas which I just plumbed
in(yes, I know it may be a waste of money).  With the UV filter on, will the
ich that is on the fish go through it's life cycle (13-16 days) and then
disappear?  Or do I need to treat my tank with Rid-Ich or similar product?
4)Are there any other teachers who read this list and have done planted
tanks in their classrooms?

Bay Area,
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