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Re: Bubbles from filters

Of gassy filters, Roger Miller asks:

>Does this happen only with Magnum filters, or does it happen with other
>makes, as well?

I had an Eheim internal that would fill up with air bubbles once the water 
became O2 saturated -- I could watch it happen through the amber plastic of 
the media chamber.  It would eject a ton of little bubbles about once every 
10-15 minutes from that point on.  I've since replaced the internal with a 
2213 cannister and I haven't noticed any "burping" since then, though the 
impeller makes a slight noise during the day which I think is due to 
trapped gas.

I'm just stabbing in the dark here, but I wonder if some kind of a 
reverse-venturi could be setup to bleed off the bubbles before they reached 
the tank?  Of course, even if such a device were successful, it might prove 
detrimental to CO2 levels.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee