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Sources of PO4

I don't think this has been mentioned.  Sorry if it has.  I couldn't find or
remember it.

I too think I am going to venture timidly into trying to put a little PO4
into my tank.  I don't have the nerve though to use Schultz's flower stuff.
I bought my KNO3 and K2SO4 from ECO Enterprises that is mentioned on The
Krib.  (http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/Fertilizer/pmdd-tim.html ) I called
them and asked about PO4 and they have monopotassium phosphate and
dipotassium phosphate.  You buy it by the pound (the minimum), which I
understand it a lifetime supply for all of us combined.  I think they told
me $9.95.  They also have trace mix if you are looking to make PMDD.  The
couple times I have used them they were very friendly.  I've had no
problems.  Insert usual disclaimers.... no affiliation...  I'm sure the
other hydroponics places listed on that page will have them too.  They are
out of Seattle I believe.

I have used the calculation tabel on the Krib by Neil Frank (
http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/Fertilizer/dosing.html ) and the Fertilizer
Calculator on Chuck Gadd's page (
http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/Fertilizer/dosing.html ) quite a bit.   Both
are great.  Since more and more of us are thinking about PO4, maybe we can
talk them into adding some PO4 information to those. :-)

For anyone interested.  Miracle Grow now has a new concentrated liquid that
is N-K-P and a little Fe.  That might be an option for some of you.

Ben Belton
SW Virginia... just North of all that snow (unfortunately)