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Re: Diffusing CO2 into filter

> I run my CO2 into a HOT magnum and after 1-2 hours
> the lights being on the outflow contains tons of
> little bubbles. When the lights are off, nothing.
I have a couple of thoughts on this:

First, do you turn on your CO2 at the same time the
lights come on? It is possible that overnight your CO2
level has dropped, and when the CO2 is switched on, at
first it dissolves well in the water but once it
reaches a critical level some of the larger bubbles
"survive" to reach the impeller where they are cut
into these fine bubbles.

Probably more what is happening: 

I had a similar problem when I ran my CO2 into my
magnum 350 (now I run it into my Fluval- It "burps"
about twice an hour but the spray bar distributes the
bubbles better than the Magnum 350 outlet) when
turning CO2 on in the morning with the lights. It
seems, at least in the 350 (HOT Should be the same),
when the filter is cleaned the water level sits at the
"fill level line". You'll notice if you slightly
underfill the filter when cleaning it, it outputs a
lot of tiny bubbles. After a day or two the amount of
gas trapped in the filter decreases (as mine clogs it
gets full and will even have positive pressure when
you crack it open). I noticed when running CO2 into my
Magnum, if the cannister was "full" of water, when I
turned on the CO2, the water level would slowly
decrease to the "fill line" and below. 

Interestingly, I think the design of the Magnum is
much more suited to be a CO2 reactor than the Fluval,
since once the cannister is full of water, if the gas
you introduce into the inlet is CO2, and the level is
pushed down, then there is a nice swirling water mass
in an atmosphere of nearly pure CO2. 

Just a thought...

Josh Shilling

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