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Grey Slime III

Ok, I spent a long time typing this up the first time
and it never showed up on the list!  Auggghhhh!!!!

Here it is again from memory.  My tank is being
overrun by a greyish slime that forms on the edges of
leaves and pearls profusely.  It looks like the
darkish dust you see when you run your finger across
the screen of a dirty computer monitor.  It grows
extremely fast, so there's hardly any point spending
lots of time cleaning it off plant leaves every day
(which I do anyway).  Another form of it is a darker
grey (almost black) bubbly scum that forms on still
areas of the surface.  It has the consistency of snot.
 I remove it constantly with a brine shrimp net.  

I had it a while ago when I had the hair algae
outbreak (added way too much phosphate).  When I did a
4 day blackout, it disappeared. 
I'll get to why I think it appeared in a minute.
First, my tank parameters.  

30 gallons.

1 96 watt AH PCF, 2 (reduced to one yesterday) 25 watt
Zoomed T8s run on a Sylvania System 32IS electronic

2 ml Flourish and Flourish Iron per day.  15 ml
Flourish potassium weekly.

.5ish phosphate (recently switched to Shultz
5-10 ppm nitrate (kno3) 

 30ppm co2, 6.6-6.8 PH

2 Duetto 50 GPH internal filters (to be replaced by an
Eheim 2222 Professional when it arrives, which
willalso serve as a co2 reactor)

After the first blackout, the stuff disappeared.  It
stayed away until I replaced the T8s, which were about
a year old.  Then it came back with a vengence. 
Anther blackout failed to stop it (4 day).  It was
then that I discovered that macro nutrient levels were
not what I thought they were.  I have been monitoring
frequently, but have been unable to find a good dosing
regemine.  Some days the tank uses up no macros at all
while other days it sucks them up like there's no
tomorrow.  I think that when I replaced the T8s that
the macro need for the tank grew and threw things out
of balance.  As I mentioned, I have been monitoring
them and keeping them within the parameters I want. 
The slime remains.  I did a short 2 day blackout that
failed to stop it.  I took out a T8, thinking that I
just had way too much light.  Still there.  It will
not go away.    

I am extremely frustrated.  I no longer get any
enjoyment out of my tank whatsoever.  It is being
smothered alive by the grey slime from hell.  Nothing
I do even slows it down.  I'm asking for help here as
a last resort before I get rid of all my plants but
Java fern and go low tech (if that would even make a
difference in stopping it).  If I do that, is it ok to
give plants away as long as I clean them?  Do I have
to tear the tank down and sterilize it or what?  I can
handle algae just fine.  I can grow almost any plant
without much of a problem.  I have finally met my

If anyone can analyze the stuff to find out what it
is, I will send a sample.  I think it may be bacteria.
 Maracin did not have any effect though.

  Please help, Cavan

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