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shrimp die off (potasssium is not the culprit!)

John Wheeler, posted in resonse to Daphne's probl of shrimp die off that it 
might be potassium from KCL. I can 100% guarantee that it was not the 
potassium that caused this die off since I now add about 1tsp wkly to my 55 
using potassium sulphate.
The problem in my opinion (now so more than before) is the CL in the (more 
than likely) muriate of potash(KCL) you are using.  I used to use this for K 
and would get shrimp die offs too.  I came to the conclusion that it was the 
CL and so switched to K sulphate with no problems with the shrimp (have 
about 10-12 caridina now)

I've posted about this before but no one could confirm a similar exp.  I 
believe this qualifies.

Joe Anderson
Also at the Krib!

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