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Re: Lights over water and GFCIs

A number of people have reported having no problems with regular
flourescent lamp sockets over water without glass tops.  That's good
news; it's harder to shock people that some might think. :-) (Don't
tell the safety monitor at your house that you do this.  Water and
electricity are a risky mix and deserve extra precautions).

As Bill Wichers reminded, it's a good idea to use a GFCI on the power
lines to your tanks.

Be mindful that, if you use a GFCI that's mounted on, or is part of an
extension, it probably is the type that trips off if the power goes out
and stays tripped until you manually reset it.  This is the kind of
GFCI you want to avoid on critical support systems for your tanks.

It's a good idea to spread the curent load to different outlets and,
hopefully, different cirucuit breakers and GFCIs.  That way a trip on
one won't bring the whole thing down.

Scott H.

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