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Re: Dipping plants

Subject: Dipping New Plants

Hank wrote

""I've heard that dipping plants in a solution of
permanganate is a good idea to prevent any
bugs/diseases from
transferring into your tank.  Is this true?

If so, what is the method for doing so?  Amount of
pp/gal etc., and
for how long?

Are there any other ways to "sanitize" the plants?

I have an order scheduled to arrive this coming
Saturday of Java Lace
Fern, African and Asian Bolbitis and Anubias (three
types).  Is pp
okay for these plants?""


I've never used the potasium permanganate dip, but
have heard of it.  The words "potasium permanganate"
conjure up college chemistry nightmares...  What I
have used are a chlorine bleach dip and an Alum dip. 
For the chlorine dip, I use approximately a cup of
bleach to a mostly full 5 gallon bucket.  Sink the
more sturdy plants (java fern and anubias) in the dip
for a minute or two.  Sink the more fragile plants for
less time 45-60 seconds should do.  Then, rinse in
under the tap or in a bucket of untreated water.  Some
folks like this dip to remove algae from the leaves

You can do this same routine with Alum (sold in the
spice isle of the grocery store, it puts the pucker in
the pickle...).  Use a heaping teaspoon to 3-4 gallons
of water.  IMO this Alum dip is a little better at
removing snails and snail eggs.  

Don't worry too much about the time spent in the dip. 
Most plants are very tolerant of these dips.  The
plants that you mention are very hardy wrt these dips.

Also, I use this bleach dip for nearly all of the
items (not plants or fish) that goes into or comes out
of my tanks.  I soak the nets, pots, filters, etc
overnight and then air dry them in the old dishrack
that I keep in the laundryroom tub.  I've had no
problems with residual bleach.


Warren, MI

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