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Re: algae on the glass

> Subject: Algae on front glass
> Hi all,
> in my low-light (29 gal tall/30W) low tech (plain gravel substrate, no
> supplementation except Flourish Excel) tank, I am getting algae growing on
> the front glass only. It comes back within 2 days of being scrubbed off. It
> is not the green spot algae - it covers the glass smoothly, not in spots,
> and is easy to rub off even with the side of my hand. It's a lighter green
> than the gsa, almost a milky green when viewed from the outside of the tank
> - - it's a light green when viewed through the water side of the tank. It
> started to get bad a few months ago. The tank wouldn't get any direct sun
> even if we had any (I'm in the Pacific Northwets).

I know the algae. Try pulling the light back and reducing the lighting time
to 10 hours. Also a black out will help. Shrimps, SAE's, snails are
ineffective. Bushy noses may help. But it grows very fast as you can tell.
Blackout for 4 days if you can. It has a physiological control but I have
not figured it out (yet). I cannot inoculate it into other tanks with
similar parameters. It seems to have an inducement parameter after which
it's like GW, tough to get rid of. It's obviously a fast growth specialist.
It doesn't grow on any plants though. Glass only.
In higher lighted tanks I have seen this one grow back in 2 hours after
cleaning! Amazing. Even algae specialist are amazed.
Try the blackout and also reduced lighting time and /or move the light back
away from the front edge of the glass(easy and simple method).
It's annoying at worse and does no harm to the plants.
Tom Barr
> thanks for help.
> - -Rachel