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Re: Riccia

> Subject: Riccia Fluitans
> How do you take care of your Riccia Fluitans to make it look so nice?
> I've wrapped mine with fishingline but it keeps leaving the driftwood in
> chunks. I removed all ancistrus and such so there's no fish that can cause
> this. Is there a better way than using enormous amounts of fishingline?
> How often does it need pruning? Is it OK to mow it with sissors?
> All hints on Riccia maitenance is welcome.
> - - Greger

Use scissors and cut like hair. Use a net skim off cuttings. You can add
this to other rocks, leave floating or sell. You should only have to tie it
once and then trim. We all slack off on that and need to re tie it. No big
deal. It is work tying it down. You can try other methods such as hairnets,
wedging in between things like hairgrass or under leaves here and there.
Tom Barr