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RE: criticism requested

Thanks for the comments guy's.

I think they were along the lines of my thoughts as well. The jungle tank
has changed quite dramatically over the year to be honest. Mainly due to the
maintenance issue. It was far to difficult to maintain for somebody who
spends 2 out of 4 weeks in a different country.

This is how it looked 7 months ago.



Now although I much prefered this layout it was hard to keep up with.
Although I don't think you can beat a shoal of cardinals flitting in and out
of the open space. I just had major difficulties staying on top of it whilst
I was away.

I guess its all about balance. I know I have gone over the top with the
sword plants and need to get brave enough to remove some and let things fill
in. Additionally I am waiting for the moss on the bogwood at the front to
grow. Kind of hoping that will add a focal point.

Discus Tank.

Well I also gradually added more and more vallis to this tank as well.
Bogwood will be added. Maybe I have done this slightly back to front but I
was trying to experiment a little. I know Amano puts his bogwood in first. I
figured what the hell....Try and do it back to front and see what happens.
It does need a focal point though. I am just trying decide what!!

You are all to kind though. Really appreciate the input. Gives me food for

Anybody else who is thinking about doing this should!! You can only improve
by getting fresh input from others!!