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Re: Green Eusteralis/Red Leaves

First of all, thanks to all that have given reports form AGA meeting, esp 
fellow SFBAAPSers. Great job ! The onl-ine  contest pictures are the 
internet event of the year for me (I know, I need to get a life), great Job 
Erik Olsen.

on the subject of reddnes in plants.

At 03:48 AM 11/14/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 14:07:26 -0800
>From: "Dixon, Steven T. (BEn)" <stdixon at ben_bechtel.com>
>Subject: Green Eusteralis
>Re the phosphate levels, notice that Detlef doses PO4 once or twice a week
>(I can't quite tell which from his entry).  The level of redness shown in
>the pictures of his tank is about half of what is possible in my estimation.
>You will not need to restrict PO4 levels to the point where you are risking
>algae outbreaks in order to bring out the redness in ES.  Tiny pulses of
>phosphate are sufficient for good plant growth.  Try reducing the PO4 level
>to half of your current level and see what happens.  You will notice the
>color change in a few days.  If this doesn't do the trick, reduce the PO4
>level by half again.

I have been monitoring the effect of PO4 deficiency on red color, since 
Steve first noted this about a year ago. My tank is not PO4 deficient, I 
dose PO4 daily, I run the tank NO3 limited, on a suggestion from Tom Barr. 
Algae stays under control, and through the warm months, I was not getting 
much redness. Without changing my dosing, I am now noticing red leaves, esp 
in H. Corymbosa. I have seen this when the leaves reach the surface, but 
these leaves are only half way there, Ammania and L. Arcuata/Brevides 
showing red too.

I am wondering about the effect of temp. on color ? I take heaters out of 
the tank in May (I'm in San Jose, Ca) , and normally put them back in   mid 
Oct. This year I have let it go a bit longer until now, and the tank will 
drop into the mid-high 60's at night.

Could this be the cause of the reddening ?


>Re the micronutrients in your 30 gallon tank, I would be comfortable
>doubling or even tripling the dosing levels of Flourish and Flourish Iron
>that you mentioned.  I would just raise the levels gradually until all the
>new growth is vibrant and healthy.  There is virtually no algae risk in
>doing this if you keep the macros in the ranges mentioned in your previous
>Regards, Steve Dixon
>San Francisco
>PS  I agree with all the good comments about the AGA conference this year.
>It was a wonderful event and we just had a ton of fun watching Amano-san
>joke with and tease the audience as he put together a 50 gallon aquascape.
>At one point he asked an audience member to suggest the placement of the
>all-important SECOND rock in a rockscape design.  After the gentleman placed
>the rock, Amano leaned back and slapped his hand on his forehead indicating
>that the location selected was quite obviously a disaster-which brought the
>house down.
>And Charlene just did a wonderful job this year with the entire event.