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Re: green Eusteralis / Blyxa japonica


When I had the algae problem, the phosphate level was
down around .1  I don't remember what nitrate levels
were then though.  I add a tiny bit of Seachem discus
buffer every two days, as my tank eats .2ppm daily.  I
have noticed that since the macros have been at their
current levels, there has been no stunting of growth
tips (except for one stem that grew above the
surface).  Would that have more to do with nitrate or
phosphate?  Or both?

Maybe it is micros.  That much Flourish?  I've heard
that a lot of people have to use much more TMG than is
called for too.  I was having some pale R.
rotundifolia for a while, but more iron helped that. 
I guess a bit more couldn't hurt.  

I understand you have Blyxa japonica.  How tall does
yours get?  Mine looks lush and healthy but is only
2/3 inches high.  One of the AGA tanks had what was
called B. japonica but was really high and grass-like.
 Mine is more of a shrub.  

Thanks, Cavan


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