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RE: Bacterial bloom

The account of JC in Calgary having a bacterial bloom
could not have come across at a better time for me. I
pulled a great bone head move. I have a 12 GAL planted
cube tank with a 10 GAL sump below. the sump has the
DIY and CO2 reactor inside of it. My DIY CO2 maker was
going a little slow so I added one cup of sugar, but I
did not remove the DIY before adding the sugar. Of
course the solution turned to foam when the suger was
poured in. I have champaine yeast in my DIY and it
looked just like a bottle of champaine. I shut off the
pump and changed most of the water in the sump, but
that was not enough. When I came home from work today
it looked like a snow storm had hit inside the tank.
All of the plants have white puffy stuff growing on
them. I don't know if it is a yeast or bacteria bloom.
So far the fish don't seem to be distressed, (4) ottos
and (3) dwarf cichlids. I am doing 50% water changes,
but was wandering how long it would take for the
blizzard to go away? Has any one had this happen to
THANKS, Rick_J_G  

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