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Re: Benefits of Planted Tank -- Cheap Plants

"Radloff, Bree" wrote:

> To answer your question of "Why are plants kept" ... 
> For me it's almost totally an aesthetic issue. I will never put cheap
> fake
> plastic plants and rocks in. 

Aesthetically bad they certainly are -- unless you really like that
sort of thing!  But, although they cost much less to maintain, plastic
plants are certainly not "cheap" :-)  For that matter, neither are
rocks in most LFSes or catalogues.

On the other hand, real rocks are pretty widespread on the planet and
readily available at virtually no cost.  Cheap rocks can be put into
one's tanks with great aesthetic benefit.  Varieties of desirable
(real) plants are much harder (i.e., impractical) to find outside of
stores and catalogues.

Scott H.

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