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Setting up a multi-tank plant system, looking for advice?

Hello everyone...

My name is Brandon, and it's been a while since I have been following the 

I just got through a move and I finally have the space I need to set up a 
multi-tank system.   I would like to build a stand that would house ~300G of 
water.  Ideally, I would like an 8ft long stand, housing 3 rows of tanks, 4 
tanks per row.

I will most likely have the tanks custom built, somewhere around 24"X16"X16" 
dimensions, however, my uncertainties arise when I start thinking of the 

As this system will almost exclusively be dedicated to plant production, 
water circulation & filtration & my lighting are obviously important factors 
not to over look.

For the lighting, I am leaning towards the T8 bulbs and ballasts.  The 
ballasts and bulbs may be a little pricier, but from the previous reading I 
have done on the list, I am assuming they are defiantly the way to go.  Out 
of curiosity, does any one know if I will have any issues using the normal 
4ft T-8 bulb sold in the average hardware store?  Or, will I need to source 
bulbs with a different spectrum?

Filtration is another uncertainty... I realize that in heavily planted tank 
without fish, there is little need for large amounts of filtration, but the 
circulation for CO2 induction is essential.  Having a main sump seems 
beneficial in the sense that I only need to have 1 pump, heater, CO2 
injector & fertilization site; however, it also means I will have to get the 
tanks drilled and seal up the sump relatively tightly to minimize CO2 loss.

The stand details and measurements still seem a little daunting as well.  
Are 2X6's over-kill, or, are 2X4's enough?  Lap joints and bolts on all the 
corners? End caps for bulbs mounted directly under the ply of the overhead 

Sorry to ramble on, but as you can see I still have many questions to 
answer.  If anyone knows of sites with drawings and/or details on multi-tank 
systems dedicated to plants, or if you have any suggestions, I would love to 
hear your advice! If it's not too much to ask, emailing me off list would be 
greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

brandonyott at hotmail_com

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