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re: Yeast C02 reactors; glue gun makes the prefect seal.

Simon wrote:
Just a question ( and this might seem silly but it has me puzzled ). If
seal the bottles up with glue, when the yeast has metabolised all of the

sugar do you throw the bottle away and make a new one ?

Hi Simon,
Not silly at all- don't seal the cap to the bottle but actually use the
hot glue to seal around where the airtubing goes through the hole you've
made with the hot nail. That way you can rinse and reuse the bottle/s
and caps. Maybe it's just me and that it's late but your system sounds
complex. I'm not sure whether one-way valves work to stop siphoning, I
keep my bottles higher than the tank water level- but I'm sure someone
else around here probably knows about it. I don't think yeast reactors
will explode unless there is no avenue of escape for the Co2 gas; so if
you have an airline from the bottle reactor which isn't sealed on the
other end the gas does have somewhere to go (except if using airstones
which may eventually gunk up).