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Re: Algae

> Most if not all of the plants in my tank are covered with a pelt of very
> fine, straight algae, about 1/4 inch long or less. Flagfish (Jordanella
> floridae) and otos don't seem interested in it. Any ideas about what kind of
> algae it is, what might be deficient to allow it to grow, and how to get rid
> of it?
> Tank is 72 gallons, 220W, CO2 supplemented, pH=6.8, GH=KH=4.5. Nitrates
> 5-10ppm, K added to about 15ppm, KH2PO4 about 1 BB-sized amount added
> weekly. 2ml Flourish and Flourish iron added daily.

Try blacking out the lights for 4 days or so(this will soften algae up).
Water change before/after. Add nutrients back. SAE's are good for this type
of algae. Most likely Oedogonium (like that means much or will help to you
in some way:)). Shrimps are good/moderate. Trim plants up well. Add fast
growing plants, water sprite etc. Back off the iron to 2 x a week. Add the
Flourish every 3 rd day, 10 mls.

Your nutrients sound fine. Now keep them this way and make sure you are in
the right ranges and re test to make sure you made no errors in testing. You
might reconsider/question the results if things are still going downhill
algae wise. You sound like something got messed up prior in the past
perhaps. You just need to keep up on things and be patient. If you keep upon
the rest and keep the nutrients in this range you'll be fine. Trim things as
they grow out. Water changes will help. Young algae spores/gametes are
easily disturbed, killed and taste good to herbivores. Old algae doesn't
taste good nor is it particularly enriched with nutrients compared to young
tender greens. Sounds like you have good kits so use them till your out of
the woods and keep up on things for 3 weeks or so. Get some different alga
eaters. SAE's in particular are good for this type of algae.

You might want to provide a few more details beyond nutrients etc. Fish
load, past problems, routines(water changes etc) length of time thing have
or have not been going. pH ranges daily etc.
Tom Barr