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Yeast C02 reactors; glue gun makes the prefect seal.

Hello all,
I just thought I'd make a post on sealing Co2 reactors with a hot glue
gun because I searched for glue gun in the archives and came up with
just a question but no responding answer,so this post is the answer in
case anyone else ever wants the info. A general search on the web
brought up Karen Randall's page on C02 for planted aquarium where she
says that a hot glue gun will make a great seal. Here is the link to
that page:


I have tried GE silicone and blue tack but neither were very good and
just recently a troop of ants decided to invade my study and they
somehow tunnelled through the blue tack into the reactors : \

After reading Karen's advice on glue guns I decided that was it! No more
messing around and purchased a glue gun; it does seem to have made
perfect seals along with the hot nail/melted plastic method and I didn't
need to use rigid airline tubing, regular airline tubing worked fine.

If you seal the inside of the bottle cap with a hot glue gun make sure
not to get it around the edges on the ridges because if you do the cap
won't screw back on properly.

And one last thing: I had a metal (brass?) plastic valve air fixture
system thingy (back from when I was running my tank with a big air-pump
and undergravel filter)- where you have one main 'inlet' and 6 'outlets'
which all have levers to to control the amount of air going out or stop
it completely. I had been using t'x and an X' (those little plastic
thingies) because I use three 2 litre bottles but the valve system
thingy is much better:  all bottles are indivdually attachd to their own
levers- meaning they can be turned off when replacing a bottle, the main
inlet is now the outlet to the reactor and the spare 2 outlets have a
looped piece of airtube on them to guarentee that Co2 won't leak from
either of them.

I suggest to anyone that uses more than one yeast bottle reactor at a
time to get one of these valve thingys it makes it much easier to swap
and changes bottles.
Damian Barton.