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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #935

> From: cheapo2 <cheapo2 at mac_com>
> Subject: Hair Algae & Fertilizer
> My questions are these:
> 1.
> Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Phos-Zorb:
> The LFS tested my water for phosphates and nitrates, both of which returned
> 0 levels. The guy said this was because the algae was consuming all of it.
> He recommended Phos-Zorb to deprive the algae of its nutrients (good
> reasoning?). I put it in my Fluva this morning.

So what do think the plants will use? It's fine for a few days or so but
after a week it'll hurt your plants and stunt them. A weak plant is not
going to get the upper hand on a strong fast growing algae.
What were the NO3 and the PO4 prior? What kind of kit did they use? My
advice is get your own kits......
> 2. Fertilizer:
> To bolster my plants, I purchased Sera Florenette A tablets. Should I go
> ahead and deploy them in the substrate today, or should I wait until the
> algae is gone or at least on the decline. I dont know what the iron levels
> are currently. I dont have the financial means to buy test kits, but I want
> my plants to be happy. Advice

Do you have a high fish load? If not feed heavy, if so feed regular. That
should add some NO3 and PO4 back in.
Tom Barr