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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #929

#> Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 08:50:31 -0600
#> From: "Stuart" <stuart at nbtx_com>
#> Subject: Re: CO2 controller....
#> Dave Gomberg Wrote:
#> >I really don't understand what all this is about.   There 
#are huge pH
#> >swings in natural ponds, and yet the fish and plants do 
#fine.   What is
#> >we are trying to achieve here?
#> The idea is to adjust KH to about 4.5 - 5 and then use CO2 
#to lower the PH
#sorry, this idea is *NOT* correct. You purge CO2 _only_ to get 
#(or hold) a
#certain level of CO2, let's say 15 mg/l CO2. If the pH will 
#decrease by this
#purching and you don't like this, then you have to increase the KH. CO2
#should _not_ used for changing the pH!!! Again: CO2 is a 
#fertilizer for the
#plants and not a tool for changing the pH.
#Regards Klaus.

This is my first repay and i hope it comes in correct.


Maintaining the correct amount of CO2 is a function Ph versus KH.
So for an aquarium with a KH of x the correct Ph would be Y.
Ergo: a Ph controller can achive this by increasing the amount of CO2 and
thereby lewering your Ph.

In my case i have a KH of 8, and Gh of 14 and a Ph of 8 without CO2. With
this KH the correct amount of CO2 will beachived at an Ph of 7. So adjusting
Ph to 7 by CO2 injection has the desired effect.

Are am i missing something?

Regards, Armand

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