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Re: FFF Agression


My tank:  PH 7.0, nitrates 5 ppm, kh of 8 (IIRC).  I would not classify my FF as
aggressive but they definitely had their moments of chasing/nipping, etc.  I had four
males and two females (the reverse ratio of what I wanted).  The big male and big female
kind of paired off and he would chase any fish that came near her, pretty typical
mating/courting behavior I would assume.  I did observe him taking a big bite at the side
of my M. Bosemani.  So, I traded that pair and two other males to a guy in my fish club
for some other stuff.  The remaining pair are pretty small right now and won't bother

I first started noticing them chasing fish around when the two bigger fish paired off, and
they had gotten rid of 95% of the algae and duck weed in my tank.  HTH.

Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

> Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 19:14:12 -0500
> From: "alex pastor" <alexp at idirect_com>
> Subject: FFF
> Just a thought...
> Could we collate the data on the pH of tanks that contain Florida Flagfish
> and see if pH and aggressive behaviour are linked?  I know that some fish
> become far less aggressive when the pH is lowered.  Could this be happening
> with these fish?
> For those whose fish are aggressive, what is the pH?  And for those that are
> 'model citizens' what are their water conditions?
> Gabriella Kadar
> Toronto, Canada


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