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Re: CO2 controller....

On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Stuart wrote:

> Dave Gomberg Wrote:
> >I really don't understand what all this is about.   There are huge pH
> >swings in natural ponds, and yet the fish and plants do fine.   What is it
> >we are trying to achieve here?
> The idea is to adjust KH to about 4.5 - 5 and then use CO2 to lower the PH
> to 7.0, attaining 15 mg/l of CO2.  I would use the PH controller to open and
> close a solenoid valve for the CO2 to maintain this balance.?

I think Dave was questioning the policy of using a pH controller, not the
technical details.  His question is (and it's a good one); your fish
don't need it, your plants don't need it, so why do you need it?

Two possible reasons come to mind.  You can get it to help prevent
end-of-tank dumps.  Or you could get it to keep CO2 from getting too high
at night.  I suppose you could also get one to amuse yourself or to
relieve yourself of some heavy and otherwise useless cash.

Roger Miller

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