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Questions about iron

1.  I understand that some chelated iron can be in the form of Fe++ or Fe+3.
Can you tell the difference by its colour after being mixed in water?

2.  If my chelated iron is Fe+3, is it useful?  Correct me if I'm wrong but
I thought Fe+3 will only become biologically available only when reduced to
Fe++ by the plant roots.

3.  If I mix EDTA chelated iron into PMDD with my moderately hard tap water
(pH ~8.0), will the EDTA breakdown quickly?  Will the colour change, will I
see rust in the bottom of the jar?

4.  I assume the commonly recommend iron level of 0.1 ppm is for Fe++.  If
my Seachem iron kit measures Fe+3 and my trace mix is Fe+3 what should my
target level be?

5.  My Seachem iron kit will not register any colour for at least four hours
and then gets darker the longer I leave it.  Evaporation becomes a problem.
The next morning it looks as though I have way too much iron, but only a
little amount of water is left in the cup.  What can I assume my iron level
to be?

Maybe I should just switch to TMG and go out and buy a Hach iron kit...

Aaron Ivers