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Re: What Wattage metal halide light should I get ?

> The globes in both are 6700K (is this ok for planted tanks?).  My tank size
> is a 50 gal (or 200L) tank.  The 250 would give me 5w/gal and the 175 would
> give me 3.5w/gal ? Would it be harder to keep the 250 because the tank would
> become more unbalanced more easily ??

On my plant tanks I use 2-250W (5000K).  I get wonderful growth and I love
the fact that it keeps my red rubins - red.  Check out my site at
home.austin.rr.com/ddaquaria if you want to see what I am talking about.  My
main plants are under the lights and my low light plants are on the outer
radius of where the light hits.  I also own a 175W (5000K) and for some
reason it seems the growth was better under the 250W - based upon the same
conditions in the aquarium.  Hope this helps.

big D
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