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Re: pH controllers/monitors

Hello Stuart,

> Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 11:33:18 -0600
> From: "Stuart" <stuart at nbtx_com>
> Subject: PH Controllers/Monitors?
> I'm in the process of setting up a 130 gal planted aquarium.  My plans
> include a Pinpoint PH Controller/Monitor to control my PH via CO2

that's a good idea

> I am getting ready to purchase the controller and I'm hearing a lot of bad
> things about PH monitors in general.  Specifically, that they need to be

I don't know what bad things you heard about pH monitoring , in any case I
would say, forget this. I am monitoring my water _continously_ from starting
my tank (3 years now) and I never have had problems. I use an industrial
electronic pH-meter and industrial pH-probes. I check my calibration once a
month with a standard solution and normaly I don't have to recalibrate it.
If necessary, than only about 0.1 pH. Concerning cleaning: My probe is
placed in a dark corner of the tank. I don't have dirt or algea a.s.o. at
the probe. I use the pH measurement 1. to check the water and 2. to check my
CO2 content. CO2 ist purged by a bottle (10 kg) only during the time, when
the lights are switched on. At night, I close the CO2 purge by a timer and a
solenoid valve. The swing in CO2 (morning/evening) is about 0,1 pH and this
is very stable. This is the reason, I don't use a separate pH controller, it
would waste money. The only reason to install a controller is for safety,
because the controller can be used as a safety equipment. If something is
going wrong with your CO2 purge and the CO2 in the tank is getting to high,
than you can use the controller by monitoring the pH to switch down the CO2
purge by a separate valve. In my case, I didn't had such a necessity and
therefore I don't use a controller.

> cleaned almost daily and that they don't hold their calibration (even
> expensive models).  If you have this same setup, have you had any
> Am I wasting my money?

for the monitor absolutely *NO*, for the controller maybe. Check at first
the behaviour of your tank without a controller and decide later.

Much success and regards, Klaus.