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Re: hard headed... oops, water

-I can't grow Cabomba worth a darn, either, but I know that's because it
-would prefer to have the light from a nearby supernova to do really well.
-Mere direct sunlight isn't adequate. :^)


Really?  I have several, about ten to 12 stalks of Cabomba in my 37G tank
with about 1watt/G of light, and they seem to be doing fine, as a matter of
fact I was quite surprised to see as much growth as I have been noticing in
the last week or so, my water is also very hard (14dGh) and haven't had any
trouble, I am going to begin softening the water with distilled water
changes, hopefully that will benefit the fish also.

My question here is how much is too much when adding distilled water?  I
don't want the fish to go into shock, but I need to lower the hardness
without adding more tds's.  For my 37 Gallons, how much distilled water can
I change out so I prevent anything detrimental to the fish?  I'm not sure
how much water it will take to drop the hardness by even a single degree
(German) .  If I do a  30% water change and substitute for distilled, will
this affect the fish or plants in a detrimental manner?  Is it too much at
once, or should I do a gallon every couple of days until the hardness is
where it should be?

Also, my PH is pretty high already...I am injecting CO2, and  will be adding
an Eheim CO2 reactor this week for better diffusion, will this water
softening process make the PH spike?

Fishing in Florida