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Weird PH with CO2 Injection?

I finally took the plunge and started a yeast CO2 generator.  Friday
afternoon set up on tank.  Using the Jello method.  2 Jellos, 1 cup sugar,
water and about 1/2 tsp. yeast.  Started bubbling Friday evening.  1 bubble
very 7 - 10 seconds depending on time of day. (Temperature variation?).
Bubbles being drawn into intake of Aquaclear 300.  Some surface turbulance
from filter output.

33 Gallon, moderate fish load.
Before C02. PH 8.2 KH 7
Saturday Evening.  PH 8.8 KH 7
Sunday Morning at lights on.  PH 7.8 KH 7
Sunday Evening PH 8.2 KH 7

I understand the PH may be lowest at lights on as plants would be producing
CO2 all night long with injection.  PH does not seem to be affected much.
How many days to see a start in reduction in PH and how much should it
reduce each day?  Any realistic estimate of where it should level off?  Do I
just need to be a little more patient?

As always, tahnks in advance for any answers/advice.